Collection: URWERK

Defining – and Redefining – Indie Watchmaking

Over two decades ago, Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei both defined and shattered the mold for independent watchmaking. And they're still doing it today. URWERK not only offers a quintessentially space-age take on watch design, the watchmaking itself pushes the boundaries of time-telling, mechanics and finishing.

URWERK UR-100V P.02 for Collective

Moored on the Hudson River in New York City, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is home to the Space Shuttle Enterprise – the shuttle program’s original prototype. Together with the Museum, URWERK and Collective have designed the UR100-V P.02 – limited to 20 pieces – as a tribute to the experience of flying the Enterprise. Proceeds of each sale benefitted the Intrepid Museum.

A Tribute to Space Shuttle Enterprise

The P.02 draws its inspiration from the Enterprise’s flight deck – the gauges, colors, textures and fabrics. And its orbital display tells not only the time, but also traces key events of shuttle launch and landing. Apertures along the upper left and right sides of the dial display the space shuttle program’s typical launch and landing sequences. They track key moments from launch and landing in minutes.