About Collective Shop

Collective Shop is the official watch retailer for Collective Horology. We originally started Collective Shop to retail our collaborative watches – both new and pre-owned. Today, the shop also sells other special projects along with watches from our friends.

Online Retail for Watch Enthusiasts

Our goal for Collective Shop is simple: Meet the high expectations of watch enthusiasts for online retail.

We've bought way too many watches ourselves, and know the experience is often far from ideal. For that reason, we make it easy to buy online, ensure our inventory is always accurate, ship promptly, offer detailed order tracking, and provide responsive customer service by phone, text or email.


For questions, wire instructions, or help sourcing a watch not currently in stock, email shop@collectivehorology.com. You can also call or text us anytime at +1 (805) 321-8877.

Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about Collective, visit our main site, where you can check out past collaborations and join our list for updates on future projects.